Anavra village

Anavra is a mountainous village (on 1,000 m altitude) in the west of mt. Othrys, in Magnesia prefecture. The "Kapodistrias" urban planning law has excluded Anavra from being unified with a larger municipality due to the fact that this Community fulfills all the relevant criteria such as long distance from large cities, homogenization of population, geological morphology and people's occupation.

Anavra's permanent population is 700 people, who almost totally are occupied with stock farming and breeding. That's why Anavra has an almost 0% unemployment rate, making this village a unique phenomenon for the Greek countryside. The rate of newly established households is constantly increasing, there are more than 80 modern stock farming facilities scattered in 3 stock farming parks in short distance from the village. There is also an elementary school with 30 pupils enrolled and a kindergarten with 10 infants.

Another characteristic of the Anavra and its people is the constant occupation with stock farming through the centuries and the age-lasting human presence in the region. That resulted in creating strong bonds between the people and that place and conserve all the traditional features that have been formed through the eons. This tradition is just the everyday way of life for the people of Anavra.

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