The "GOURA" - Environmental and Cultural Park of Anavra's springs represents an endeavor to protect, emerge and develop not only the local natural environment, but also the monuments and other cultural features of that region that are closely related to it. The ultimate goal is the local people and the visitors of the park to obtain an environmental conscience and understand the importance of a healthy natural environment.

In more detail, the goals are:

  • The protection and emergence of the landscape and its monuments, the folkloric cultural features (churches, stone bridges, watermills) and natural beauty of the environment.
  • Construction of walking paths, areas for sport activities and playgrounds to entertain the park visitors.
  • The information, especially of the children, about environmental protection affairs and the local stock farming and agricultural activities.

The construction of the park has been based on various technical studies made by architects, topographers, museologists, geologists and icthiologists. In addition, there is fence surrounding all the areas of the park including the springs area and along the Enippeas river in 2km length. The park covers more than 2,000 acres. A great part of the cost has been funded by the E.U..

The construction implementation has occurred in two stages, in 2006 and 2008. It has cost approximately 1,500,000 €.

A more detailed view of the park's features includes a fortified fencing of 5km in length, a broad walking paths network containing a main stone tiled path and many smaller ones, protective rails in many spots. There are also 5 small bridges, stone walls, wooden benches and numerous litter bins. Furthermore, there are 3 playgrounds. Three folkloric constructions have been renovated, which are two "mantania" - mantani is a clothing washing device -, the one in the springs area and the other in the middle of the park, and a watermill near the one of the park entrances. Concluding, there are many signs scattered all over the aprea of the park which inform the visitors about the park's highlights, its flora and fauna.

During a visit in the "Goura" park one can combine strolling with relaxation and amusement, but also with learning many things for the environment and the local tradition.



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